Summer Love

   This book is really good. I can prove to you that you can get hooked into this book I read from page 16 to page 80. I couldn’t stop reading. It is the kind of books I like and I actually want to read.

Over the weekend I finished this book, I liked it so much that I might want to read it again. Through this book Dylan and Rela aren’t friends but at the end they are friends again.

I would recommend this book to anybody who like romantic books. This book is like 1 of my favourites now I just really like this book.

If I say any more about this book it will probably be the whole book.

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My cats!!

     My Cats

How many cats I have and their gender and what their breed is.

1.Hemi is a tiger striped bob tail and he is a male and he is our top cat + my moms FAVORITE cat. We got him from my dad’s friends house and he is a lot more buff than he was when we got him.

2.Honey is a Siamese cat. She is still a baby and she is a female. Over the summer we saw a cat over in the field and my brother Ross and I went over there,and he said there was kittens over there. We went over there and she was the only one we could catch.

3.Missy is a tiger stripe and she is having babies but all the babies died. She is a female. We found Missy at the court house over in Logan and she would not leave us alone and now she doesn’t want anything to do with us.

4.Tiny is a tiger stripe and he had 5 siblings but they got hit on our road (Suicide highway which is 180).Tiny was born in December.

5.Whitey is a white Siamese cat, We have had him the longest,We got him at the big brother big sister where my aunt Laurie used to work.

6.Kingston is my cat.He is a black cat with brown mixed with the black. We went to Kingston yard sale and I saw Kingston and I begged my mom for him and she said yes.

I love all my cats because they live at my house and they act like us except they don’t talk.Yesterday April 10th 2011 My cat honey had to get fixed.

What I like about my cats

I like my cats because they are special thats why I like them.I like my other animals to like I have two dogs their names are Rusty and Copper but Rusty is old and Copper jumps and claws you.

What I do for my cats

I let them sleep with me, I feed and water my cats. I play with them and I pet them,I try to give them whatever they want.I even try to give them baths but I figured out that they don’t like that really well.

Why I have so many cats

I have so many cats because I beg because they are so cute. I beg for dogs but begging for dogs isn’t enough. I love all my cats because they are all a part of my family.I begged for my cat Kingston when we went to Kingston yard sale and he was the only boy left and I said anything to get my mom to say yes, But I have not done anything yet that I said I as going to do.I keep my cats close to me because they are all a part of my family.

Prerfect comment

Being perfect is not always great (In my opinion). I think if you are wanting to be perfect you are not happy with yourself.  That’s what makes you special, If everybody was perfect I would be going crazy right now.

I think if you say a stupid thing it might be embarrassing to you but everybody else thinks it is funny, If you don’t want to be embarrassed you can change that by laughing along.

When I was little I always wanted to be perfect, but then I learned that being myself is perfect enough. I mean you can be perfect at sports or writing or anything you want to be by being yourself.

There is no excuse for trying to be perfect at being yourself that’s what makes you you.



I think it should be extra credit, I don’t think it should hert your grade just for your attitude.

I think if you get a good grade and your attitude sucks you should be the score you got on a test stay not for lower for you r attitude.

But I think you should always have a good attitude, Because this is what the teachers want to  do they don’t have to be your teacher. But I think you should always have a positive attitude to make a good day even better.

My point is that is you got a 100% on study island and you have a horrible attitude  and it brings you score down to a 75% that’s not far you earned that for what you know not to change your attitude.

Freak the Mighty

Mr.McGuire is reading Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick  by to us for read allowed. I know anybody who reads this book will have predictions.

This book is awesome. It’s one of my favorites. The predictions in Freak the mighty  are What’s going to happen is his dad going to hurt him should he run away.

Or does his dad just want to spend time with his own son. There are way to many predictions to put that I have when McGuire is reading this book.

Rodman Philbrick knows how to get you hooked into the book. This author has everybody hooked.

I had a lot of predictions when McGuire read the part when killer Kane came back for Max. Then Mr.McGuire stopped and we had to wait three days to what happened next.

What I was predicting that Max would do when his farther uncovered his mouth I thought Max would run away.

Among The Hidden!

I’m reading Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddex. Predictions that come to my head while I’m reading this book is what’s going on then I find out.

Predictions that I’ve had when I read this book is:

Whys he doing that?

Whys that happening?

How’d that happen?

Why aren’t you allowed to have a third child.

The reason I started to read this book is everyone told me it is a good book. I was partnered up with someone who read this book, read the post that she had and her thoughts are ones that I been have been having almost the same thoughts she had weird.

By just reading the first 2 pages I can tell that I’m going to read the whole book without stopping and reading a different book.

The predictions I’ve had lately are:

Luke had to come inside because the government was taking their woods so luke can’t go outside any more. If that was my case I would hate it I’m always  outside. My parents can’t get me inside when I’m outside. This book looks good just from the cover.

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Commet on Freak the Mighty!!!

I think Max being placed in the higher achieving class is good and bad. Bad because Max will probably copy off Kevin and not learn anything. The good thing is if the teacher keeps calling on him maybe it might some since in his head so he will want to learn and try to get smart, so he doesn’t get embarrassed in front of the whole class for not knowing what the answer is.

I think being in a ability class would be some what harder or easier it is hard to decide because I’ve never been a class like that. But I think it might be good because you help them out and be their friend and make them feel like a normal person.

I think if you are in a grouped ability class if you make fun of them your being a bully. I think you should get to know who they really are and not for what they look like. Like Max he got to know Kevin for who he really is not as a miniature little freak dude with a brace on his leg.

Because of Anya/Greatest book so far!!!

Because of Anya is a really good book. I didn’t think I would  like this book because I can’t stand sad books and Because of Anya looks sad.

The parts in this book are very interesting like calling Stef Englewood staph infection.

This book I thought it was sad but really so far it’s not. But I hope after I get into the book like half way in it wont become sad.

In this book as I was reading I found that Anya has to where a wig, But I didn’t why and I thought what most people think when someone looses their hair cancer. But Anya does not have cancer.

Stef and all the other girls do what Stef tells them to do. Stef told them that Anya has cancer because she is having chemotherapy. But all the girls believe her and asked their parents and their parents want to call Anya’s parents and talk to them.


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6Th grade.

This year so far has been really great. There is way less drama that last year. Last year was horrible everybody hated mostly everybody, but this year we all made up there is a few people who still like people.

This year has been fun and a little harder than last year but that’s school for you. I love being here with my friends. All the teachers through out the years have been nice.

The sixth grade teachers all wonderful even if you have Mr. McGuire teasing you but in  a good way not in a mean way and Mrs. Griffey who wants to joke around and Ms. Bowlby who wants to teach. The only good thing about sixth grade is the  teacher are the greatest teachers  I’ve had the 9 years I’ve attended this school. They are a handful of FUN!

I really want to stay in sixth grade but I want to go  on to 7th grade because you get to met a whole lot of new people, and here you have to stay with the same people you have been with for 9 years. Well, some of the people have been here for 9 years, but not everybody. 

How this poem is like my life!!!

I think the author was feeling sad when he wrote this poem. He is trying to keep doing what his mother said to him as a boy.

What I think the author was feeling sad when he wrote down what his mother said is sad because his mother might be gone and he’s trying to keep doing that to be more successful.

I can relate to this poem because my grandma always told me life is like walking up stairs, It gets easy then tough but no matter what don’t let anything stop you, Just keep going no matter what.

What I felt when I was reading this poem it made me feel sad. The mother might be dyeing and she was telling he to move on with his life no matter what. Don’t let this cause you to stop keep going on.
Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor —
But all the time
I’ve been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps
‘Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now —
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

By Langston Hughes