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7th grade

7th grade is awesome. I love it and hate it but that’s OK! Mr.McGuire you better get those kids ready like you got us ready last year!

7th grade is complicated and no one truly figures it out completely, you figure it out as you go along.

I haven’t got in trouble this year (knock on wood). But some of my friends have witch makes me sad and upset. I love these teachers but the year last year was the best. Mrs.Griffey is surviving except she squirted the aid in the hair with hand sanitizers it was funny.

I love the things you thought us last year, cause it really pays off when you pay attention and use what you have learned.

I miss singing in class everyday, we still get to sing in choir but it’s not as fun. We have a concert coming up Wednesday. I miss Laurelville Elementary.

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Talent Show!!!!

Today we are having a talent show and we get extra credit if we sing. My friends Caitlin and Lisa are singing “Tear Drops On My Guitar” by Taylor Swift.

Me and Caitlin had just sang for try outs for choir and he was in the gym and he herd us practice and said “we sounded really good”!!!

I am really scared and I really didn’t want to do it but Caitlin, Lisa and my brother Brylee talked me into it.

Brylee and Lisa and Caitlin can easily talk me into things that I don’t really want to do. Our voices blend together so it sounds awesome but I’m really really nervous. I tried to back out at practice but they wouldn’t let me.

I feel a bit better but my cousins and everybody are going to hear us sing and that makes me nervous.


I think I’m in the middle of being classy because I can be nice when I want but if I get it’s going to suck if you live with me and you make me mad!!!

Here’s my way of being classy if I don’t know you and I run into you or something I say sorry even if it isn’t my fault.

I think when I am classy when I’m not home because I know the people I live with so they make me mad it tough luck to get. I’m like right there classy at school because I have to control my anger issues but at home it’s a different story I’ll get in trouble twice if I get in trouble at school I’ll only get in trouble once.

I think the people in my family are like me because they be nice when they want to be. My family and I act the same they can be nice when they want to be just like me. Everybody tries to stay on the good side of my dad instead of his bad side.

People who don;t live with me say I am a sweet little girl but I not I don’t know when to shut up I’m always in trouble so at home I’m not a classy person I’m not even in the middle at home I’m at the bottom. but not being classy at home gets me into a lot of trouble but I’m used to i t it doesn’t bother me any more.

Iv’s got my anger issues almost controlled I think that’s why I’m not classy.I wish I didn’t anger issues because they cause bad things to happen.

I know how to be classy and I know what to do to make people think that I am not classy but most of the time I try to go somewhere to just get away. If someone’s life was perfect they wouldn’t have this problem what people who are not perfect.

D.A.R.E Essay!!!!

D.A.R.E Essay

By: Lindsey hunter

This year we have been having D.A.R.E. in our social studies class. Dare can mean two things Define Asses Respond Evaluate, or Drug Abuse Resistance Education. When the sixth graders wore their D.A.R.E shirts I always tried to figure out what it stood for and now I know. We talked about ”Ways To Be In Charge”. There are five ways to be persuaded Friendly, Heavy, Indirect, Positive, Teasing.

Two years ago I had to stay at my cousins house and they let their kids have total control. Well the boy is my cousin and he asked my if I wanted to go outside and I said yes. We were out there for a couple of hours and then he went over to his grandmas and grandpas. We weren’t allowed over there so I stayed over at his house and he went over there and I could see him and he got into his grandmas Jeep.

His grandma smokes so I watched him get into her Jeep and get a pack of Cigarettes out and a lighter and he came back over and made me go behind his grandmas house. He asked me if I wanted one and I said ‘no’ and he said ‘are you going to tell on me’. It took me a minute or to two answer and he said take one and he stuck it in my hand and told me to do what he was doing. I didn’t but he kept telling me to and when he finally realized that I wasn’t going to he gave up.

We talked about second hand smoke and how it can effect you. People always smoke around me so I’m used to it. We learned what the most dangerous substance in cigarettes are nicotine it contains over 200 known poisons.

The best part of D.A.R.E is how we learned so much about how drugs effect your body and what it will do to you. Just by learning all that never ever want to do that to my body. The D.U.I goggles were so hard to walk in and try to catch a tennis ball to see if we would catch it. I’ve seen guys drunk and they act really stupid and goofy.

My commitment to DARE is:





We learned this year that only 7% of eighth grader smoke, and only 15% of eighth graders use alcohol. I thought the numbers would be high.

I, Lindsey pledge to never do drugs. I promise if anybody ask me to do drugs I will say no, because I don’t want drugs or any other kind of drug to mess up my body or effect my health.

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Camp Oty Okwa!

This week we went to camp Oty Okwa. It was awesome. I wanted to be in my friend Caitlin’s group but we weren’t. But the people in my group were fine and we all became friends at the end of camp.

My group was Jakob, Nick, Emily, Kyra, Dustin, Hayley, Katie, Austin D was in my group and really I was never really used to talking to anybody in my group except for Jakob and nick.

At they beginning are group didn’t talk at all. Me and Emily talked and Hayley and Dustin talked and Kyra and Katie talked, Nick and Jakob talked and Austin joined nick and Jakob. After the first day we started to talk to everybody but not a lot.

Camp was really fun and all the people in my group started to care for each other like when we went on the stream study I was walking in front of Jakob and nick and I fell and hit my head on the rock and Jakob and Nick came over and helped me up, They did the same when I fell a little ways down but this time they said maybe I shouldn’t be walking and they asked me both times if I was ok and when I fell both times it didn’t hurt at all.

At initiatives we had to work together as a group and one thing was we had to hold hands and get through a rope without letting go of their hands it was hard. We had to do a lot of team work stuff like the rock climbing wall it scared a lot of people in my group it scared me but I thought I was going to cry but I made it what made me keep going up was my team mates they were cheering me on. We got everybody to go up by cheering them on and saying that they were almost there and they could do it.

I hated my group at the beginning but at the end I love it I didn’t want to leave the only thing I want was dry cloths. Every time we went outside we came back soaking wet, Which really sucked.

The thing I had the most fun on is the stream study but on the way down I kept falling and then I fell into this bush and my arm started to sting an burn. Then we went swimming and the stream/creek pulled us down stream.

The best thing about camp is you how they get you up and moving every single day and by the end of the day your ready to go to bed you fall right asleep.


We went to pet land for a party. I seen my friend Megans little brother there running around but I didn’t see her. After a while someone tapped me on the back and my cousin Kelsey told me to turn around and Megan was there.

I love petland because I love all the animals. I love holding ferrets they purr when you pet them under there necks.

I asked my mom for a farret but she called me crazy! She said all they do is sleep and I said so and my mom said they sleep 14 hours of the day.

She said my dad would freak out if she brought home a ferret but she has done it many times before. Ferrets don’t like Megan that well she picked it up and it tried to bite her.

Ferrets stink but their cute really cute. I’ve always liked them and they act like a cat like purring and rubbing on you. I pick one up and and it was still asleep in my arms. THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

My 2 Years of Suckey life!!!

My life sucked for the past 2 years. My grandma Karen passed away last year and that was hard. Then this year in December my Grandma Chris passed away that was harder.

I wish they could of stayed but they went. My grandma Karen passed during the night but it was harder with my grandma Chris we had to pull the plug.

It effected my life big time I have have nightmares that they didn’t leave they were still here. After awhile I stopped having dreams that they are going to come back it just wasn’t happening they were gone I had to accept that it was hard. None of my grandparents were together except for my grandma Karen but her husband ( my grandpa ) died before I was born. My other grandpa I don’t get to see very often we don’t visit much neither does he.

Now that I’m older I understand but I don’t think I wan to understand I wish the memory of their death would go away but it won’t and it never will it going to stay there and bother me for the rest of my life.

The second time I lost a grandma it was harder because we couldn’t get a hold of her that day and my mom waited till me and my brother Logan got home and it was about 9:00 and we went down to her house I took the keys and my mom told me not to go in but I did. As soon as I got in the house was dark I herd her say someone help me it was coming from her bedroom so I went in turned on the light and she was laying the she fell out of bed. Mom told me to call the ambulance then she told me and Logan to get out of the room because we started to cry. I’m always going to remember that because I’m 12 and Logan was 17 at the time.

We followed the ambulance on the way home and when we got home we herd the sirens and they told us they lost her on the way. I hated my life that day we got home I walked in the door crying my eyes out an then my cousin was really close with my grandma so she ran to her room and started to cry her eyes out.

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Mushroom Hunting+Mean cows!!!!!!!!!

Me and My older brother Logan and my younger brother Ross went mushroom hunting this weekend.

We have cows next door and they just had babies so they let us go by the first time but coming back they chased us and we had to jump 2 bob wire fences.

I was the first one to jump the fence and there was thorns on the ground and I got caught in them and the bob wire ripped my pants and the I fell backward and got cut up from the bob wire ( PAINFUL ).

We know these cows they’re not mean.Tthey just didn’t want us around their babies.We had to cross a pond to get to the other side of the hill and it is a VERY BIG pond but there was a big log laying across it but we didn’t worry about falling in because we all are very good swimmers especially my little brother Ross.

We would probably try our best to fall in!! In the summer we are always back there and the cows are back there too but it is our land and they don’t do much damage they swim with us it is really funny too.

Me and my little cousin have summer birthdays and we have parties so me my family go mushroom hunting and when we find mushrooms we go back we make a quick stop to get wet!!!

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Noisy Noisy



It’s noisy up head here come my house instead,

my family is winging north,

and every house is opening,

to a noisy noisy family.

They fill the air with loud complaint,

we honk the horn and everybody squawks and runs,

cause they don’t feel like flying,

but it’s much to far to run.

Inspired by Jack Prelutsky


The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!

This is the best book ever. I love it because Stephanie Meyer can get you hooked into the books.

It talks about how Riley tricks the newborns into thinking they weren’t allowed to go out into the sunlight.

Finally Diego and Bree find out that Riley lied to them about the sunlight and they go serching for the rest of their group.

This book is really good I’m not done with it but mostly done with it and I really like this book and this book is not too  short or too long.

This book is like a mix of drama and love and comedy but when those are all mixed together it is like magic. All they do is fall into place and make the books great.

I like this book because it gets you hooked because it doesn’t tell you much in eclipse about the newborns it shows a glimpse of them and then the fight that’s all.

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