I think I’m in the middle of being classy because I can be nice when I want but if I get it’s going to suck if you live with me and you make me mad!!!

Here’s my way of being classy if I don’t know you and I run into you or something I say sorry even if it isn’t my fault.

I think when I am classy when I’m not home because I know the people I live with so they make me mad it tough luck to get. I’m like right there classy at school because I have to control my anger issues but at home it’s a different story I’ll get in trouble twice if I get in trouble at school I’ll only get in trouble once.

I think the people in my family are like me because they be nice when they want to be. My family and I act the same they can be nice when they want to be just like me. Everybody tries to stay on the good side of my dad instead of his bad side.

People who don;t live with me say I am a sweet little girl but I not I don’t know when to shut up I’m always in trouble so at home I’m not a classy person I’m not even in the middle at home I’m at the bottom. but not being classy at home gets me into a lot of trouble but I’m used to i t it doesn’t bother me any more.

Iv’s got my anger issues almost controlled I think that’s why I’m not classy.I wish I didn’t anger issues because they cause bad things to happen.

I know how to be classy and I know what to do to make people think that I am not classy but most of the time I try to go somewhere to just get away. If someone’s life was perfect they wouldn’t have this problem what people who are not perfect.


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  1. If you know what to do to be classy then you are on the right track.

  2. You are very classy Lindsey. You are bright and sweet!

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