D.A.R.E Essay!!!!

D.A.R.E Essay

By: Lindsey hunter

This year we have been having D.A.R.E. in our social studies class. Dare can mean two things Define Asses Respond Evaluate, or Drug Abuse Resistance Education. When the sixth graders wore their D.A.R.E shirts I always tried to figure out what it stood for and now I know. We talked about ”Ways To Be In Charge”. There are five ways to be persuaded Friendly, Heavy, Indirect, Positive, Teasing.

Two years ago I had to stay at my cousins house and they let their kids have total control. Well the boy is my cousin and he asked my if I wanted to go outside and I said yes. We were out there for a couple of hours and then he went over to his grandmas and grandpas. We weren’t allowed over there so I stayed over at his house and he went over there and I could see him and he got into his grandmas Jeep.

His grandma smokes so I watched him get into her Jeep and get a pack of Cigarettes out and a lighter and he came back over and made me go behind his grandmas house. He asked me if I wanted one and I said ‘no’ and he said ‘are you going to tell on me’. It took me a minute or to two answer and he said take one and he stuck it in my hand and told me to do what he was doing. I didn’t but he kept telling me to and when he finally realized that I wasn’t going to he gave up.

We talked about second hand smoke and how it can effect you. People always smoke around me so I’m used to it. We learned what the most dangerous substance in cigarettes are nicotine it contains over 200 known poisons.

The best part of D.A.R.E is how we learned so much about how drugs effect your body and what it will do to you. Just by learning all that never ever want to do that to my body. The D.U.I goggles were so hard to walk in and try to catch a tennis ball to see if we would catch it. I’ve seen guys drunk and they act really stupid and goofy.

My commitment to DARE is:





We learned this year that only 7% of eighth grader smoke, and only 15% of eighth graders use alcohol. I thought the numbers would be high.

I, Lindsey pledge to never do drugs. I promise if anybody ask me to do drugs I will say no, because I don’t want drugs or any other kind of drug to mess up my body or effect my health.

Image from http://www.robotronics.com/crimeprevention/daren-the-dare-lion.php


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