Camp Oty Okwa!

This week we went to camp Oty Okwa. It was awesome. I wanted to be in my friend Caitlin’s group but we weren’t. But the people in my group were fine and we all became friends at the end of camp.

My group was Jakob, Nick, Emily, Kyra, Dustin, Hayley, Katie, Austin D was in my group and really I was never really used to talking to anybody in my group except for Jakob and nick.

At they beginning are group didn’t talk at all. Me and Emily talked and Hayley and Dustin talked and Kyra and Katie talked, Nick and Jakob talked and Austin joined nick and Jakob. After the first day we started to talk to everybody but not a lot.

Camp was really fun and all the people in my group started to care for each other like when we went on the stream study I was walking in front of Jakob and nick and I fell and hit my head on the rock and Jakob and Nick came over and helped me up, They did the same when I fell a little ways down but this time they said maybe I shouldn’t be walking and they asked me both times if I was ok and when I fell both times it didn’t hurt at all.

At initiatives we had to work together as a group and one thing was we had to hold hands and get through a rope without letting go of their hands it was hard. We had to do a lot of team work stuff like the rock climbing wall it scared a lot of people in my group it scared me but I thought I was going to cry but I made it what made me keep going up was my team mates they were cheering me on. We got everybody to go up by cheering them on and saying that they were almost there and they could do it.

I hated my group at the beginning but at the end I love it I didn’t want to leave the only thing I want was dry cloths. Every time we went outside we came back soaking wet, Which really sucked.

The thing I had the most fun on is the stream study but on the way down I kept falling and then I fell into this bush and my arm started to sting an burn. Then we went swimming and the stream/creek pulled us down stream.

The best thing about camp is you how they get you up and moving every single day and by the end of the day your ready to go to bed you fall right asleep.


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  1. I am glad to hear that your group came together and became successful.

  2. That good your group came together and help each out. Only couple people in my help each other out. Dustin, Sara, Nick K., Danny and I were helping each other out.

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