We went to pet land for a party. I seen my friend Megans little brother there running around but I didn’t see her. After a while someone tapped me on the back and my cousin Kelsey told me to turn around and Megan was there.

I love petland because I love all the animals. I love holding ferrets they purr when you pet them under there necks.

I asked my mom for a farret but she called me crazy! She said all they do is sleep and I said so and my mom said they sleep 14 hours of the day.

She said my dad would freak out if she brought home a ferret but she has done it many times before. Ferrets don’t like Megan that well she picked it up and it tried to bite her.

Ferrets stink but their cute really cute. I’ve always liked them and they act like a cat like purring and rubbing on you. I pick one up and and it was still asleep in my arms. THEY ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!


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