My 2 Years of Suckey life!!!

My life sucked for the past 2 years. My grandma Karen passed away last year and that was hard. Then this year in December my Grandma Chris passed away that was harder.

I wish they could of stayed but they went. My grandma Karen passed during the night but it was harder with my grandma Chris we had to pull the plug.

It effected my life big time I have have nightmares that they didn’t leave they were still here. After awhile I stopped having dreams that they are going to come back it just wasn’t happening they were gone I had to accept that it was hard. None of my grandparents were together except for my grandma Karen but her husband ( my grandpa ) died before I was born. My other grandpa I don’t get to see very often we don’t visit much neither does he.

Now that I’m older I understand but I don’t think I wan to understand I wish the memory of their death would go away but it won’t and it never will it going to stay there and bother me for the rest of my life.

The second time I lost a grandma it was harder because we couldn’t get a hold of her that day and my mom waited till me and my brother Logan got home and it was about 9:00 and we went down to her house I took the keys and my mom told me not to go in but I did. As soon as I got in the house was dark I herd her say someone help me it was coming from her bedroom so I went in turned on the light and she was laying the she fell out of bed. Mom told me to call the ambulance then she told me and Logan to get out of the room because we started to cry. I’m always going to remember that because I’m 12 and Logan was 17 at the time.

We followed the ambulance on the way home and when we got home we herd the sirens and they told us they lost her on the way. I hated my life that day we got home I walked in the door crying my eyes out an then my cousin was really close with my grandma so she ran to her room and started to cry her eyes out.

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  1. That’s so sad Lynn.

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