Mushroom Hunting+Mean cows!!!!!!!!!

Me and My older brother Logan and my younger brother Ross went mushroom hunting this weekend.

We have cows next door and they just had babies so they let us go by the first time but coming back they chased us and we had to jump 2 bob wire fences.

I was the first one to jump the fence and there was thorns on the ground and I got caught in them and the bob wire ripped my pants and the I fell backward and got cut up from the bob wire ( PAINFUL ).

We know these cows they’re not mean.Tthey just didn’t want us around their babies.We had to cross a pond to get to the other side of the hill and it is a VERY BIG pond but there was a big log laying across it but we didn’t worry about falling in because we all are very good swimmers especially my little brother Ross.

We would probably try our best to fall in!! In the summer we are always back there and the cows are back there too but it is our land and they don’t do much damage they swim with us it is really funny too.

Me and my little cousin have summer birthdays and we have parties so me my family go mushroom hunting and when we find mushrooms we go back we make a quick stop to get wet!!!

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